96square has launched.

Dear friends,

The Startup Milwaukee team is excited to announce the launch of 96square, a co-working space for high-growth startup companies in Southeastern Wisconsin. Located in the historic Blatz Wash House, 96square provides entrepreneurs with access to affordable  scalable office space; mentorship; potential investors; talent and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

96square is a game changer for Milwaukee’s community of innovative entrepreneurs. As research shows, the startups are responsible for all net new job creation–and we all know Milwaukee and Wisconsin desperately need more jobs. At Startup Milwaukee we are happy to step forward and provide a place where entrepreneurs, talent and capital can collide and accelerate the growth of Milwaukee’s top startup companies.

We are excited to have great companies such as Alithias, Find My Spot, Onkol, Rent College Pads, SAR32 Technologies, UCAP, LLC, Voxelmetric, Wisconsin Super Angel Fund and more already located at 96square.

The meaning of 96square goes beyond having a “cool name.” The city of Milwaukee is approximately 96 square miles, and 96square will be the epicenter of entrepreneurship and innovation in our great city.

Are you a startup, designer, developer or engineer looking for affordable dedicated desk or private office space for your team? Learn more and apply for 96square membership at 96square.org. Memberships start at just $110/month.

Your first chance to check out 96square is this Thursday, October 24 at our Capital Connections event featuring CSA Partners and Scanalytics. RSVP to reserve your free tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/event/8508341679

Thanks to the many people who have made this endeavor possible: Ronnie Reum of SAR32 Technologies, Heather Johnston of Find My Spot, Marvin Bynum of Godfrey & Kahn and many more.

See you at 96square!

Matthew J. Cordio, Executive Chairman
Alicia Boknevitz, President
Tim Grove, Corporate Secretary
Joe Poeschl, Treasurer
Michael Anderson, Community Outreach Director

It’s time for us to move on to our new website, and we need your help…

With your help, we designed and unveiled our new logo in September. But now it’s time for us to move on to creating our new website, and we need your help.

First of all, thank you to everyone who voted on logo concepts, shared ideas and gave feedback. We’re still stoked about all of the positive response the new Startup Milwaukee logo received when it was unveiled at our meetup in September.

This logo was a group effort (and by group, we mean ALL of you helped create this). Thank you!

With your help, we created a logo — but now it’s time for that new and improved website that YOU deserve.

Sure, we could just upgrade the site with a fancy UI. But we need to go beyond that; we need to serve YOU! That being said, this website needs to be created with YOU in mind. 
Our new site should represent and be a resource for you all, our local startup community. But to represent you best, we need your help. We ask for your thoughts and ideas.

Let us know:

  • Which resources would be most helpful to you and your startup?
  • Which features would you like to see on the site?
  • Have you come across a really cool website for another startup group? Send us the URL to that website. We would love to check it out for inspiration!

“How do I send you my suggestions and ideas?”
Tweet @StartupMKE, post a message to our Facebook wall or email Alicia.