Software Developer @ TechCanary

TechCanary Corporation is seeking up to 10 Software Developers with can-do attitudes and the ability to work as part of a team for a growing company. The developer will work on and preferably have prior experience with the Salesforce platform.

As a growing company, we’re looking to build our development team to work on our core product and special projects. Therefore, this position may be filled at the entry-/junior-level developer role with a passionate and talented individual who shows the drive to learn the Salesforce environment or with a more experienced developer with or without specific Salesforce experience and who shows the drive and passion to put their talents to use.

Under general supervision of the Chief Technology Officer, this position is responsible for the overall development, configuration and operation of TechCanary’s Sales & Services Productivity Platform, which is an insurance industry solution built into the Salesforce platform that brings a refreshing and dramatic improvement to the tools available to insurance agents to run and grow their business. This position will perform development of new features and functionality, testing, implementation, documentation, and updating tasks.

Key duties include:

  • Manage special projects as assigned
  • Develop and maintain Visualforce, AppExchange, and integration with other third-party solutions
  • Design, code, test, debug, package and deploy solutions on the Salesforce platform
  • Routinely review code, configuration, data and usage to ensure long-term viability and integrity.
  • Make suggestions and recommendations for modifications and enhancements for system and process improvement and efficiency
  • Work closely with the Client Success Team to ensure clients’ needs are being met and that any gaps in service and satisfaction are minimized
  • Work closely with senior management (including CEO) to ensure success

About TechCanary

TechCanary is a young and dynamic software company that is dramatically changing the way insurance agents do business. Founded in 2013 with corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, TechCanary brings the world’s #1 CRM solution to the insurance industry by delivering a full-featured Agency Management System (AMS) built into the platform.

Agents can now conduct business anytime, anywhere and on any device. In addition to managing their business, TechCanary enables them to focus on managing their growth. Many of the cumbersome and costly manual steps required today for agents to run their agency on legacy software solutions are replaced by an automated, streamlined, and flexible cloud-based methodology. Through the TechCanary solution, agents will realize dramatic operational efficiency gains and cost reductions, as well as a resultant increase in revenue and income.

If you want to change the world and join a growing team of like-minded individuals, TechCanary is the family you are looking for.